About Me

  Some of my friends say I created this site to have an excuse to frequent Boise bars, cafes, restaurants, wineries, breweries and tasting rooms more often. I truly cannot say that they’re wrong. hahahaha!! In addition to checking out every new Boise bar and restaurant, I would be remiss if I didn’t expand my self-assigned duties to include previously visited venues. I believe the only way I can stay on top of changes in places I’ve already tried is to give them a minute and try them again. I’m ok with that.

  As you might imagine, this journey will fit in amazingly well with my favorite pastimes of eating and drinking. I do have a purpose though! My hope is to provide solid information on great places to get some food and drinks and have a good time while you’re doing it. Who knows, maybe I’ll run into you out there.

  When I’m not doing “research” in Boise, I’m either traveling, playing with my camera, hiking, biking, at the driving range, reading, taking a class at the downtown Y or working from home being supervised by Tosh and Ianto (our cats).