What to say about Barbacoa to entice you to visit? The amazing palate pleasing culinary feats performed by the chef? The open-fire grilling process? The ambiance? The, sure-to-make-you-smile list of specialty cocktails? The view from the rooftop Luna Bar? The DJ playing the music you want to hear?

Whatever the reason, you have to check it out. Barbacoa is perfect for date night, friends night, my job sucks night, my job rocks night, because it’s (choose as many as necessary) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday night or …. just because.

I suggest you try the table-side guac. It’s entertaining to watch it being made, let’s you pick what goes in it (within reason!) and it’s truly amazing to taste.

To get you started, here are links to the cocktail, appetizer and dinner menus. Enjoy!

Find it: 276 Bobwhite Ct, Boise, ID 83706
Hours: 4p-close, Dinner: begins at 5p
Happy Hours: Daily: 4-6p, Thurs-Sat: 10p-close
Luna Bar Hours: Wed-Sat: 4p (seasonally and weather permitting)
DJ: Fri-Sat: 9:30p
Contact #: 208-336-0681

Want to be friends with the Barbacoa staff? Check out their Facebook page.

And finally, directions to get you to Barbacoa.

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